Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Mystery Quilt!

BJ and I sewed along with over one hundred other quilters in nine different countries to make the online NYE Mystery Quilt today. It was her first and I think my fourth for this event but the first time I have had company [other than Button dog] for the project and it's much more fun to have a quilty friend to share the day!
This is BJ hard at work.........
and here's a sample of her blocks. BJ is ambitious, making a queen size version.
My blocks..........
and 16 of them sewn together. Having more fabric I made another row of blocks, in the pic. above it's only 48" square. There is still enough left for three small borders making a nice lap size quilt and using up just about all of these fabrics. I have no idea about backing at this point.
BJ and I are both quite pleased with our fabric choices and the results of our labors today. Time goes by easily as we sew and press and trim and chat, stopping only for caloric sustenance, a bowl of potato soup and some beer bread!
For Phoenix it has been bitterly cold this week, a good time to stay cozy indoors and sew and eat soup!
Happy New Year to all and a healthy and successful 2011- for quilters may all your tops become quilts!
Till next year................

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farmlady said...

I must have missed why this is called a "mystery" quilt. I will have to look back and see if I missed a post that explained what this is.
Lovely designs... both. I like the colors.