Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a project-not one that I would have preferred or sought- but a sewing project nonetheless!

We have a nice sturdy porch swing in need of new upholstery, so DH took the cushions to Montrose to see what upholsterers had to say about it-not what I wanted to hear, $350-$400 just for the seat! The breakdown was around $200 for labor and over $30/yd. for minimum of 5 yds. of fabric. I can buy two new porch swings for that but I do not want to consign this one to the dump!

I am way too frugal for that, so yesterday I picked up a remnant of sturdy-looking/similar colored outdoor fabric at WM [the only store in Montrose with fabric] for under $10 and I am about to tackle the job myself. The idea is to redo only the seat at the present since the canopy is still fairly good. In truth, it would be much easier to make a new canopy than a seat!

The seat/back/headrest are all in one and this afternoon DH helped me to take it apart to make a pattern. It was rather dusty so he took it out on the deck when the rain stopped and hosed it off. [BTW, can you see a little fresh snow up there on our mountain? It was quite chilly today.] There are a few small parts to this and getting them back where they belong will be a challenge but I took pics as we pulled it apart and after all, what are a few small bits to a quilter? Little pieces of fabric are my life! I can do this! I am rather looking forward to the challenge but construction will have to wait until at least Saturday when I can get some upholstery thread from a friend, there is nowhere within a two hour drive to buy it.
Meanwhile I must have something to sew and for that reason this morning I took out a quilt kit that I purchased in Australia, cut up all the pieces and it's ready to go.
Now I'm content, I have a plan!


Miri said...

What a project! It is totally worth doing-aren't upholsterer's prices simply ridiculous!

Can't wait to see your quilt kit project.

Gari said...

I will be watching closely. I need to redo mine but also have to do the canopy. But since I got the hammock, I will prbably do it this winter. ;-)

orchidlover said...

rather you than me I would just throw a quilt over it and be done. Best of luck

Love and hugs Gina xxx