Monday, July 12, 2010

The Aussie Quilt Kit

With an almost centenarian father in Australia, we make regular visits DownUnder to see the dear old chap!
As with most quilters, I am always on the lookout for quilty stuff when I travel, quilt books, fabric etc. and it is a bit of a challenge to find actual Aussie design fabrics, not iconic or ethnic Aborigine, but simply Aussie designed - then there is the high price of fabric in the "Great Southland", usually Au.$20 and up compared to our $10 or so in the USA.

On one of my visits in recent years I found this lovely kit, at a really good price and it has sat in my stash for a couple of years until I sort of ran out of projects I could work on up here in the mountains.

The illustration that came with the kit isn't very accurate color-wise, but here's a better view of the fabric selection.

And here is my progress to date.
PS. My Stash NYB quilt got a ribbon at Black Canyon Quilt Show over the weekend!


Andee said...

Your NYB quilt is exquisite! Really marvelous and I can see why you got a ribbon! Nice that you had an Aussie quilt kit to work on when you ran short of other things!

Michelle said...

What delicate Aussie fabrics! Lovely!

I'm very partial to NYB quilts, and yours is smashing! I can see why it won a ribbon.

Gari said...

Love your NYB. I only did one vest with NYBs on the back but now I want to do a quilt with, maybe, big blocks (so as to not have to do so many).

Miri said...

Congratulations! I've always thought your NYB was stunning!

The Aussie quilt fabrics are soft and sweet. I like the pattern too.