Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowy Days In Colorado

It has snowed pretty much all day every day for the past week. Last night the snow had covered the windows too.

Gorebal warming, LOL!
DH keeps clearing the deck but the snow keeps piling up! Oh well, the exercise is good........
The snow is consistent enough that we haven't been able to see our mountains for days.

This is our porch swing................
Twenty four degrees right now and still the snow falls. This morning DH and company went to Telluride to ski, they had to drive out through a couple of feet of snow.

Our snowplow just now came up to the house but there will be another foot-maybe more- by the time the family returns this evening.
This is typical Colorado mountain winter weather, it's pretty much the same every year the only variable is when it happens not if !
Yesterday we drove into Ouray to see the ice climbers. It was snowing.............?!
Duh, it's winter in Colorado!!

The ice formations are amazingly beautiful but terribly cold and it all looks dangerous to me even though the climbers are fully equipped and use safety harnesses and cables.
The town of Ouray is quite famous for ice climbing, and for the Ice Climbing Festival the first week of January each year.

After that the kids [and the other adults] went sledding but those pics aren't on my camera because I was trying to get my feet defrosted and watching the sledders from the warmth of the truck! I finally thawed out at Mouse's Chocolate house with hot home made cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce[also home made]. OH..........MY! You have to try it sometime, it's a simple enough recipe!

As for me I am going to do a little work on one of my current quilt projects.


GardenofDaisies said...

Your snow is beautiful! Do you have to shovel it off your roof?

Pat said...

Oh, my...I couldn't handle that much snow every year. I had all I could do to handle our record snowfalls in southern Delaware this year. Personally, I think those climbers are crazy!!! LOL

farmlady said...

I thought you were in Arizona. How do you go back and forth in this kind of weather and all this snow? It's beautiful but OMG, it's a lot of snow...

jojo said...

beautiful..but aren't you getting cabin fever? I couldn't take more than a few days of the cold/snowy weather. I didn't know about ice climbers before, it sounds interesting and completely dangerous! Love the pics...take care..;p