Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt with Applique

Isn't it a beauty?
Quilting on this top was finished late- very late- last night. The center is busy so we decided on freehand "swirls" and the border is simply stippled, Nadine didn't want any quilting inside the applique so they will "pop" a little. I love how she has combined the simplicity of the blocks with dramatic hand applique, it's a very pretty quilt.

Black thread on black fabric makes it hard to see much quilting detail, but it's better in the photo below.

I am now working on piecing another Shakespeare quilt with a different arrangement of the original three colors, red, black and white. It's taxing my brain a bit, figuring out how many of the flying geese of what color combination I need for the small stars and what to cut for the monkey wrench blocks.
We had baby Matthew again today [two days this week, we got lucky] so my brain was on baby not quilting! These grandchildren are such delightful little distractions!

I am going to cut only what I need for the SITP as I go so as not to get myself too confused or make wasteful cutting errors. I got well along on the first 14 of the small stars this evening. I am going for a different effect with this Shakespeare quilt and there will be much more red in the second version. I have been thinking about some way to bring back more black now, never content!


GardenofDaisies said...

Your quilting work is always so nice! Can't wait to see this new quilt you are working on.

deborah said...

Love your quilting on the pretty quilt:) You SITP will turn out great, take lots of pics!

teresa said...

What a gorgeous quilt!!1 The quilting is so intricate and pretty.

Mary said...

I love your disappearing 9 patch!