Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilt Retreat

This weekend was our annual San Juan Quilter's retreat, Friday morning till Sunday after lunch on the Uncompaghre Plateau, about 8,000 ft. altitude. It's a church owned camp site, a woodsy setting called "Mountain Retreat" a very comfortable and convenient facility. I forgot to take some pics of the exterior, next year I will.
It's only my second year but I wouldn't want to miss it, so much fun. We don't have a formal program but each of us brings our own projects to work on, some have major quilting goals others, like me, bring a few smaller items.
Lots of sewing, laughing and sharing and oh yes a little noshing too!

Gathering to bless the food at one of our meals. We divide into teams and each team takes responsibility for one meal, it works out very well and there is frequent recipe swapping during the weekend.

We have usually 20- 25 quilters throughout the three days, and it's hard to catch everyone at work at the same time.

Because there is lots of coming and going and giggling in corners, brain storming, friendly teasing and many words of encouragement and celebration for our projects.

I have pics I think of most of said projects including my own, this was my first, not exactly a quilt but a very cute apron!
Tada! That became our celebratory cry as each person reached their goal then out came the cameras, click,click click recording the moment!

A bright and cheerful scrappy quilt, this lady has given me three of these quilts already for the QOV program for wounded warriors. Borders have yet to be added before quilting.
She keeps a box of scraps beside her chair and pulls strips randomly for foundation piecing.
This is her scrap box, little Daisy our quilting dog mascot found it a warm and comfy bed even though Daisy's own bed was only a few tables away.
She is so small you can hardly see her. This is a teeny weeny dog, 2.5 lb. Yorky.

A first quilt from this new quilter, and I think she has already become infected with the dreaded Quilt Pox!

A lovely hand appliqued table runner, I admire but do not aspire!

A Brenda Henning design constructed in a rainbow of colors.

A "done done" quilt, all quilted on her DSM, a labor of love for a fortunate son.
A very successful weekend for my table mate, she completed both of these delightful baby quilts!
The sheep are appliqued fleece, a nice tactile experience for a baby.

Late Saturday night, some mindless sewing for me, I made six of the little selvedge pincushions and one larger before I ran out of crushed walnut shells for the filling. Yup, my fellow quilters thought I was nuts using selvedges. Some thought that I must be running short of fabric and needed an infusion to my fabric collection so they kept dropping off their selvedges on my table- obviously they haven't seen my stash!

To be continued, I have more pics. to edit of all of the fabulous work accomplished over the weekend.


Ruby said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Great photos that take you there. Wish I had been. :(

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ros, that looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration with us.