Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

A Silver Tradition.
Here it is VTT again, so check out Suzanne's blog for all the other participants & their Vintage Thingies collections!
This week I have three generations of tradition to show, things that are now out of favor in most places, or at least out of date!

Here is my Grandmother's "cruet set" that she had as a young bride in the early 1900's & I remember every meal in her home it sat on the table with salt, pepper, mustard, oil, vinegar etc.
No one else wanted it so.... you guessed it, I was happy to have it & have shlepped it around the world with me for 40 years beginning in Australia! It holds about a hundred years of history & oh the family meals & fun & all the rest that it survived through their 9 children, & about 20 grandchildren.

This is my parents Silver Wedding Anniversary teaset, February 1967.
Again, no one wanted it so I own it to pass on to my sons.
My oldest son was the only one of our children present at this event, he was only 8 weeks old but perhaps he will want to have it.

This is my own silver teapot & creamer, I am not sure now what happened to the sugar bowl or if I ever had one! What you see was a wedding gift from college friends.
As a young bride it was considered only proper to have a silver tea set to serve morning & afternoon teas, along with the required scones, cucumber sandwiches & pikelets etc, [pikelets are really mini pancakes served at room temperature with buttter or clotted cream & jam.]  I have quite a collection of bone china cup, saucer & plate sets that were also requisite for a proper "tea", but those I will save for another VTT.
I do treasure all these things with their memories but if only I could find a way to prevent them from tarnishing- polishing silver, well, not my favorite thing!


ClassyChassy said...

Very lovely items - such great treasures! I thought there was some sort of spray you could put on silver to prevent tarnish, but if it isn't applied to the entire surface correctly, it would let in the air, which would then allow tarnish to begin. And, it is worse to remove than just cleaning the original silver. SOooooOO - it's probably better to clean silver, in the long run! Thanks for sharing!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I love it all. They're wonderful and so very special. Thanks for sharing!

Coloradolady said...

These are wonderful! How great you were able to keep your grandmothers things and remember her using them. Lovely

farmlady said...

Hi Ros,
I do love silver. It's so beautiful. That set of your parents is really lovely. You're so lucky to have it. Family things are the best because of the memories.

Elizabeth said...

These are all wonderful! Seeing them one after the other I can observe the change in styles for each era.
If you stop by my VTT, check out my Wed post. I have 5 potential giveaways. Ends Fri midnight.

Bea said...

Ahh, the down side of silver...polishing it. Yours is beautiful. I've never seen a cuet set like that.

CC said...

What treasures and such sweet, sweet memories. I love vintage things and their history so much, it's a pleasure just to see them. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.

Miri said...

Beautiful family heirlooms and heirlooms to be...the cruet set is just magnificent and I loved seeing the change in the style of silver tea services. I know exactly what you mean about polishing silver-I can't even think of showing any on VTT :)

Lavender Dreamer said...

The tea set is amazing! You have so many beautiful keepsakes! Love your blog!