Friday, February 27, 2009

QOV #3

Here is the final QOV for the week. I actually had it off the LA Thursday afternoon but didn't get around to taking a photo until Friday. I struggled with the thread breaking even though it was the exact same stuff I had used on the previous quilt just a different color. I changed the needle & fussed with the thread path & finally got it to run better but I had to slow down quite a bit from my usual "pedal to the metal"!
The A-1 machine adapts to most threads if you make a few adjustments for the difference in weight & viscosity, I haven't found one I cannot use though I have to slow waaaay down if I use BL in the top.
I was playing around with a freehand variation I had in mind for a change of pace-I am not wild about how it came out but perhaps I need to play around with it some more & tweak it before I reject it absolutely! I think this quilt would have done well with the geometric design I quilted on the last two but I was burned out after two in a row, going through the same motions- I get bored very easily!

Then I quilted a border for a darling little UFO wall hanging that I am planning to give away here on the blog, but more about that in the next day or so. I have finished said wall hanging & it is ready for display.

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