Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bath day-for the dogs!

This week I am puppy sitting for DS#1 & DIL while they are cruising, they have entrusted me with the care & feeding of their two little Yorkies one of whom is on my lap at this moment. They're about 5 & 6 lbs. Jake is 5 yr's old & I call him the 5lb. Napoleon, because boy does he have a 'tude!
He looks sort of pathetic here, though doesn't he? But he is just a growly little fellow, he will come up to me all smiley & when I pick him up he'll begin to growl it's so pitiful coming from him that I have to laugh!

Abby is a little more mellow, she reminds me of a butterfly the way her ears go & all the hair hanging off them, very cute right & very feminine looking?
Button gets along great with them, she's very gentle as if she knows that they are fragile & they all play together well & they love the daily walks to the park & the freedom of our enclosed yard which they don't have at their own home because of all the wild critters that could carry them off!
On Sunday we put the little dogs in their crates before we took Andrew & Lana to the airport, then we went on to church & lunch. When we arrived home instead of effusively greeting us as she normally does, Button ran right up to Abby's crate & began scratching on the door for me to let her friend out. I thought that was so sweet of her to be worried about her buddies!

This morning I bathed all three & here they are all clean & fluffy & sweet smelling!
I know they all look as if they are related but they aren't. Button is an Australian Terrier, & at 13lbs. is about twice the size of these Yorkies . Her ears have not been stripped of hair as they would be for show- DH just likes it the way it is!!

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Suze said...

Oh aren't they precious. Which reminds me, I need to get Wade Hamilton bathed this weekend.