Sunday, March 3, 2024

Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt

Sandy S. sent me this to quilt for her, along with a request for similar quilting to that shown on the pattern! Lots of feathers which fortunately is my default quilting choice. If I cannot think of anything else I will choose to quilt feathers or ruler work! Or sometimes a combination of both which this quilt has.

It took a long time, it is quite a large quilt, Sandy's is 94x100", queen size, and there was all that matching side to side of the designs and all the various sized filler circles.
My quilting is not exactly the same by any means-poetic license, LOL, but is very similar in style.

                                                        Sandy loves it and that's what counts!
The next is one I sneaked in before Christmas, Linda R. in CO. wanted it for her bed for the winter and I managed to get it done in time. It is queen size, 84x84"
It's a perfect design all around for the state of CO., for the winter season and also for Christmas-if you look carefully you will see the little gold star on top of one of the trees, how clever of my friend.
This little Gnome table runner I also squeezed in before Christmas for a different Linda who lives right here in Scottsdale.
There were two other family celebratory events in that time before Christmas, one was granddaughter Emma's birthday, and she was so proud and excited to be three! Isn't it funny how children can hardly wait to grow up, ever longing for the next highest number? I remember myself in that same mode, how then do we wish for the childhood years back!
                                        It was a unicorn cake made by her talented Nana in Yuma
                             The other lovely event was the Baptism of Emma and baby Owen in Yuma
One of the children's great aunts in Yuma makes these beautiful decorated cookies for special occasions and this was indeed special!
Emma and Owen, sweet little ones now Baptized into the family of Christians.

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