Monday, June 15, 2015

A Very Modern Baby Quilt

This was a Texas power sewing project all finished......and I am so pleased with it. The design is called Urban Chained from Sew Kind Of Wonderful. I am really enjoying the process of these modern quilts, the simple piecing and limited color combinations and opportunities for innovative quilting.
 The backing is wide Kona muslin and thread is white 50 wt. 
 Batting is Quilter's Dream Angel, one of my absolute favorite battings. It is genetically engineered to be non flammable, absolutely no toxic chemicals, is soft, light and drapey, and comes in two weights with lovely definition. What's not to like?!
 I had two extra blocks so one became the label. I like to incorporate the label with the backing so that it is quilted right in and impossible to remove.
The colors do not show so well here, but the quilting shows up nicely.


Jody said...

Beautiful!! Love your color choices and the quilting is fabulous!!!!

Heather said...

this is so pretty. what an impact the quilting makes on the simple design.

Andee said...

Nice quilt...LOVE that you added some of it to the back too!