Monday, February 23, 2015

High Tea

A lovely afternoon at Tea with the three delightful young women my sons have chosen, to celebrate the impending marriage of number four son. It has been a little tradition to have Afternoon Tea with each of the prospective DILs before their weddings and this time it made up for the fact that we had been unable to attend the Bridal Shower.  I chose the Arizona Biltmore.
 The Menu
There were numerous choices for teas and we sampled many of them…..
enjoying the variety of both savory and sweet treats, and were all on a sugar high by the time we were done!
Those sweets we were unable to consume went home to the bridegroom to be, along with a tin of the bride's favorite of the tea selections. We all decided it was fun and worth repeating together, so next time we will choose a different venue for a new experience.

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Cactusneedle said...

I want to try that tea room one of these days. It looks beautiful! What is your favorite place to have tea?