Thursday, February 26, 2015

A very Manly Quilt!

Another wonderful scrappy quilt from Angela, this one is for her older son and to me it is definitely a guy quilt. I think that some of these fabrics were from thrift shop men's shirts-there is a small button on one little square, that was a real clue!
By free-handing scrappy utility quilts that have these small pieces, it allows the quilter to catch in as many little blocks as possible making the quilt more durable through constant wear and frequent laundering.
A quilter after my own heart Angela utilizes pieced backings, why purchase more when we can reduce the stash and anyway it is more interesting and colorful.

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Andee said...

YAY...he will love it! I have to get to the binding of the two for my great aunts this weekend! It is on my list. This one is looking good!