Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Is It?

Any guesses what this abandoned project might be? This would be better known as PIGS, or Project In Grocery Sack, and it was really in a grocery sack!

If you thought it was a fabric covered clothesline basket/bag in the making you would be correct, good guessing!
I began to sew this at retreat at PieceMakers in Ouray a couple of years ago, grew weary of sewing the strips to the clothesline [it was very boring] and tossed it under the work table behind other stuff, probably so I could ignore it,LOL.
I was needing strips of batik for the Craftsy BOM's and recalled all the strips I had cut for this project so I dragged the bag out to see what could be done to get it out of my UFO [Un Finished Object] collection.

During an online search for directions to complete the bag I was fortunate to came across this $8 downloadable pattern from My Point Of Hue. Most of the directions I found online are for the method of simply wrapping about 1" wide strips of fabric around the cord, whereas mine is actually sewn onto the cord making it extremely labor/time intensive and for me very tedious......

because after first cutting yards and yards of strips and sewing them all together...............

I had to then press them like so.........

before I could actually stitch them onto the cording!

The next step is to sew the covered cording together with a zig zag stitch on the machine and when I actually get to that I will show my steps in another post-but don't hold your breath because it might not be this week!
There is approximately 25 yds. here and I have no idea what size bag it will make but however large or probably small it is will be "it" because I am not sewing any more of these strips!
I was very pleased to find this one pattern that uses the same method I had begun, and what's more it was instantly downloadable and at $8 worth the price.

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Linda said...

Definitely a labor-intensive project! I have done one or two of those...always with me swearing "Never again!"...anxious to see what it will look like when you are done!