Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Progress

This is my Bountiful Basket produce in the box, isn't it gorgeous? The oranges in the basket are part of the haul I picked at the home of a friend who doesn't eat citrus. They are Arizona Sweets, lots of seeds but juicy and sweet. I may make some marmalade, because I also have some large pink grapefruit and lemons from another friend's tree. These are all organic.
There is some kale in the box, I guess I will cook it with bacon? I didn't grow up in the Southern USA, and I don't remember ever seeing kale in Australia, though it may well be available.

My summer quilt is fully grown! I put the final borders on and I can longarm it once I purchase a backing- I am looking at

BJ came to sew for a couple of hours today, working on her scrap blocks. I was putting the blocks together for the current lapquilt, D9P 2nd. generation. We were trying to make a design that was balanced with the smaller number of predominantly blue blocks.
Then we realized that this might be too large for a wheelchair lapquilt, about 45x60, perhaps too long? Removing the top and bottom rows I would be left with the version below, about 45 " square.

What do you think, anyone with experience in this matter of wheelchair quilts, is it too small now?


Linda said...

That size should be just about perfect for a wheelchair quilt. My quilts, for the kids, are generally 36x36 or 40x40...the lap quilts are usually somewhere in the area of 36x40 or 36x42. Your summer quilt is beautiful! I would love to find a group of ladies who oved ot quilt in my area...that would be so much fun! The bountiful box looks wonderful too! Marmalade is my very favorite spread!

Anonymous said...

My friend Rebecca posted a tasty recipe for kale on her blog awhile ago. It's Your quilts look great!