Saturday, November 12, 2011


Renovation is great but what comes before is not so great, the removal of all that is to be renovated!

So today DH began the process by removing all the upper cabinets from the kitchen and re-installing them in the garage, yikes what a mess but not nearly the mess it will be before we are done. I hold the picture of the final product in my mind to keep me sane, it's all a work in progress!
Next Wednesday all the lower cabinets go out, Stardust a local non-profit organization will deconstruct them to be sold in one of their two Phoenix warehouses that sell gently used building materials to the public at 50-80% off retail. The profits are then used to make home improvements for those in need.
It is a fine way to keep usable building materials out of the landfills while providing them for use at deeply discounted prices.

Here are my new faucets............
and granite sinks. This is the big single sink, 33" I think.

The new island has a 14" square prep. sink in the kitchen end.
They are 80% granite and fairly indestructible, heat and scratch resistant. They are made by Blanco and the color is "Anthracite". Being a bargain hunter I searched online for the best price and almost halved the regular cost. It really pays to let your fingers do the walking/searching!

This is a not so great picture of the island granite slab, it's called "Misty Mountain" and most of it will be needed for the four by nine foot island.

So it was necessary to find a complimentary granite for the cabinets, something that would be interesting in it's own right but not so much that it fought with the island piece! It's more cream in reality, the pic. makes it look pink!
I looked at a lot of slabs until I found this one called "White Spring". Both of these pics were taken with my phone so they are not the most accurate color but you get the idea! Next time I will try to remember to take my camera.
The past week DH and I have been packing up all the items from the kitchen, then stacking them out of the way. When the lower cabinets go I will not have a sink any more so we will be eating off paper plates, not products that we can recycle unfortunately but we will keep them to the minimum. There will be minimal cooking too, just things that can be prepared in the microwave-I am really fortunate to have a Costco less than a mile away!
More updates on this project as it progresses!


DeanO said...

I can see the granite counter with matching back splash. It will look awesome; also, love the faucet!

Gramma 2 Many said...

It is going to be beautiful. Will be watching for updates:)

Jody said...

This will be wonderful when finished--love the sinks and granite.

jojo said...

great choices...I will be anxious to see how it all comes together!