Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold Start!

We left Phx. Sunday morning for CO. in a cold weather system.
Well before we reached Flagstaff this is what we encountered.
And this is what happens to the unwary/uninitiated! Fortunately DH grew up in MA., Boston area so he is quite comfortable in snowy winter conditions.
The parking area at the Safeway in Flagstaff, it was still coming down, but we drove through the storm fairly quickly north of Flag. and the rest of the journey was uneventful. Guess Old Man Winter doesn't want us to think he is done with us yet!
JW and friends will be up very late tonight, unfortunately they did not get away from Phx. until late afternoon- praying for their safe journey, I am always nervous about night driving, especially in the mountains where we have wild critters and ice that can make road hazards.
We are anticipating a week of fun, some skiing for the guys, quilting for us two gals and time for good food and play!

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