Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scrap Strip Twist & BQ!

Well they're not done,done, but they are ready to quilt this weekend at Gale's -while she's chasing antelope [AKA dinner on the hoof] I'll be chasing down my UFO's! Here are the two I WILL quilt this weekend [along with a couple more laptop bags which I cut out today & must sew up tomorrow.] The Burger Queen mystery turned out quite pretty even though I thought for a while there might not be enough contrast, & I hope it may bring some cheer to one of our wounded military heroes. Bonnie's Strip Twist pattern turned out a very cute, fast & scrappy baby quilt with a piano key border & a scrap, pieced backing! Waste not want not, I am using stash, hopefully at least as fast as I add it but try as I might I cannot seem to use the scraps faster than I make them, it is a quilter's curse!
I received 4 great completed HOB quilts from the Longmont CO. guild & mailed one off today to the parents of a brave young fallen hero . 'Nuff said, you can check out his story, I simply cannot say more here.
Our weather is nice & "Fallish", temps are down & colors are up! One of my friends said "looks as if God is busy with His paint brush up there", I think He's always busy with His paint brush, just sometimes more vividly than others.
A couple more pics, the one with the mountains is from our house the other of a stand of Aspen down the road. The color changes daily, some of the Aspen are a deep rich gold now while others are still quite green. It is an artist's paradise especially right now & the traffic up our dusty county road is busy with all the sightseeing folks on their annual pilgrimmage. This morning on my way down the mountain there was a crowd of vehicles parked outside the entrance to Elk Meadows & more streaming up the county road. There was even a lady playing parking cop there-maybe they were on a Fall safari!
I love the rich carpet affect of the area below the "Unnamed" mountain, called Corbett Peak by the locals. It is "only" 13,072 ft. high, flat-top Whitehouse mountain next to it is 13,492 ft. & Mt. Sneffels just out of sight to the right is one of Colorados "fourteeners". We have already had at least 4 or 5 snowfalls on the Sneffels & Cimmaron Ranges. Fall is indeed here!

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Khris said...

Roslyn I am so proud of the way you work so hard to get all these quilts made for such a worthy cause. You truly are a blessing and a special person. Hugs Khris