Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Tobacco Road

Just finished pressing the OTR, all those seams & I noticed a few I had going the wrong way but I'm not about to frog anything! So far this very scrappy quilt is not exciting me, the scrappiness is not pleasing to my eyes I think the autumn colors aren't strong enough so I'll try to emphasize those more in the border. Maybe it's the lights in the pinwheels & 4 patches, they may be too light..........? I'm hoping that once it has borders I will like it better, one hates to put so much time into a project to find the finished product less than pleasing.
No matter though I'm thinking that someone will love it, probably a wounded warrior as it will most likely be a QOV.
Tomorrow at guild I plan to work on the flying geese for the border.
The new water system is under construction in our development & our vehicle is parked about a quarter mile away at the neighbour's out of the way of all the excavators etc, so I have to run the gamut in the morning to get to the car. My DSM & projects are already loaded up this evening so at least I don't have to haul those along too.


Elaine Adair said...

ummmmm uhhhh, you may send it to ME! I LOVE it. Hey, it IS what it IS -- a scrappy quilt. I didn't make one, and don't know what else is called for, but I would add a light, plain border, then if I remember correctly, the flying geese are called for? It's VERY nice and I sure would NOT give it away unless you start feeling sorry for some poor blogging woman in western Nebraska who might be getting cold now that winter is setting in! LOL

GARI said...

I love your OTR but I am sitting her wearing a rust pullover and brown jeans. Your colors are my colors with just enough brights to keep it happy. It is beautiful!