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Please contact me with any questions about the quilts you see on the above website. There are more that have not yet been posted and I am happy to take commissions.

I am a prolific quilter and my addiction has produced way more quilts than I find homes for among family and friends. Some are just too feminine, we are a family that so far produces exclusively male offspring and my friends tend to also be quilters!
Therefore, before my home is overrun with them and my husband begins to feel smothered, I need to offer the opportunity for others to enjoy these artful pieces of love and warmth.
Made by me in our smoke free home with first quality materials, carefully constructed and custom quilted, each is one of a kind, no where will you find an exact duplication.

We are a military family and as a professional quilter I am also committed to the mission of supporting our military in their dedication to our Nation and to our personal protection, our freedom and benefits thereof. I do that through the talents of my hands in producing quilts for our Wounded Warriors, QOVF.org and as Colorado Coordinator for Home Of The Brave quilt Project delivering Civil War replica Soldier's quilts to bereaved military families. At this time I have made 90 such deliveries to grieving families of Colorado Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. I have lost count of the number of Wounded Warrior quilts that have come through my hands.
I have had support in this mission from many other quilters and guilds but as you might imagine it is still a costly endeavor. Most of that which I may receive from the sale of my quilts goes back into supplies and postage for these military quilts, giving me more motivation to part with the work of my hands!
You may view the above mentioned quilts made especially for our service personnel and their families here in the QOV and HOB photo albums.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful collection of creativity. Each unique and glorious. Much success at your sale in Carefree.