Thursday, July 1, 2021

Where Has the Year Gone?

 I had to go quite a way backwards to see how far behind I am! Here is one of the first quilts I completed  after the Longarm was set up in the new house. Sandy made it as a souvenir of their trip to Alaska, purchasing the fabrics while on their trip. 

Cross hatching is sometimes the best way to treat a lot of different images to make the quilt more cohesive, with a simple sashing and border design. 

Originally the Cal/King quilt below was meant to be done for Rick's birthday last September! Obviously with our move that was not going to happen but I did finally get it done and Ricky and Erica are very happy with it!
           These photos were taken on my bed before I delivered the quilt. The back is pieced with a center medallion of all the fabrics in the blocks and Rick and Ericas names embroidered in the center.
The custom feathered border is enhanced with piano key quilting on the outer edge and pebbles on the inside. The main body of the quilt is freehand feathers.

Helen has brought me several vintage/antique quilt projects, mostly blocks that her grandma-in-law left behind. These adorable Sunbonnet Sue and Sam blocks are sashed and bordered with a red and white dot and blue cornerstones.
I absolutely love the way it turned out, they look fresh and bright and I know Helen has made a place to hang this one.
My nephew Wesley and partner Louisa in Australia were expecting a baby boy so I sent a quilt for the baby, and not wanting the big brother and sister to feel left out, I also sent a quilt for each of them.
This is the quilt for baby Stetson Todd Brooker, made from blocks of random scrappiness! And a bright cheerful quilt it is for a baby, lots of interesting colors and designs in the fabrics.
                                                      Next, one for big sister Paisley.
And finally  batik with a cozy flannel back for big brother Dustyn

                                       Nephew Wes with Paisley and Dustyn and all three quilts.
                        There's more to post to get up to date, that will have to wait for another day


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back. Excited to see more of your quilts. Dotti in CT

Andee Neff said...

You are getting a lot done! WHOOT WHOOT! Been praying for healing at your house. Hope things are improving.
Loved seeing that 35th Ave quilt find a home!