Thursday, January 11, 2018

Two More KS Quilts Off The Longarm, And A "Friendly" Border!

These go back to California as soon as I find a large enough box!
 I think this is Turning Twenty Again, quilted with Superior King Tut variegated Blue Nile
 in an all over freehand feathery thing!
 The batting is Quilters Dream Pink, 80/20 cotton poly.
 The same Blue Nile thread worked great on this quilt with another edge to edge freehand this time using Peacock feathers.  Batting is Heirloom 80/20 cotton /poly.
As I was quilting along I discovered a "wavy" border on one side. This has happened often enough that I have a simple fix to take up the excess fabric and avoid puckers and tucks in the quilt top.
You can see that with this much excess fabric it would be impossible to get a nice smooth result.
Undoing the seam and overlapping the fabric takes up the "slack" in the border, but I also needed to take out a couple of inches of the quilting I had done to allow for distribution of the excess fabric.
 Then use tiny stitches by hand to resew the seam before quilting over it.
I doubt that you can even spot the seam once it is quilted
In this close up you can just make out the re-sewn area. This is a handy idea to keep in mind in case you encounter friendly borders that wave at you!.

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Angela Neff said...

Looking good! I miss you, and I owe you some money!