Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Project!

But before I could begin, I felt the need to do a bit more on Ringo lake. I have a very difficult time with UFO's, I am a finisher at heart and I can only wonder at those who have mega numbers of Partly Sewn Projects! It would make me very unhappy to have so many unfinished quilts.
I also needed a little wine to help me along! Because I make these Flying Geese four at a time they have to be trimmed and it's a very boring chore!
The pattern I chose for the next baby quilt is called "Triangles At Play" by Sarah Ruiz and it may be downloaded free from It will be a very speedy project I think.
I am using only two colors, those the mom-to-be chose, yellow and grey. I managed to get all the pieces prepped ready to sew later tomorrow, after church and a visit to see great granddaughter Paisley!
 I did take a little time out for a quick, healthy dinner, Aussie lamb chops smothered in mushrooms with organic salad greens from my friend's garden and oranges from mine and another glass of that nice red Zinfandel, yummy!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Like you, I'm a finisher. I can't stand to come back to a started project and have to try to remember how to do what I was doing, what was I going to do with these pieces, etc. I've seen friends struggle with this.

A glass of wine while doing a boring chore like squaring up pieces sounds like a wonderful idea.