Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pastor's Second Quilt

The second of two quilts promised for our Pastor to replace those his Grandma made that are literally falling apart! He admired the quilt I showed him in CW reproductions and these fabrics are mostly that with a few others tossed in for color variety.
Having such a variety in stash of Civil War replica fabrics there are too many different ones in this quilt to count, but there is also a reminder of my husband in it! You may notice a blue plaid here and there that used to be DH's shirt. It was a favorite of mine, it always looked so crisp and clean but eventually the collar and cuffs showed wear and it had to leave his wardrobe! The remainder of the shirt was in excellent shape, it is a linen/cotton combination that wore exceptionally well, so I deconstructed it "a la Bonnie Hunter" and have used pieces of it since in several quilts.
 I ran it through a rinse and spin cycle last night so it is appropriately wrinkled in a quilty way!
Lightweight quilts are the most useful here in Arizona and so I used the very thinnest batting I know, Quilters Dream Angel Request, which has sadly now been discontinued! I have a little left but only enough for a couple more baby quilts I think. Obviously there was insufficient demand, the rest of the nation does not have our six month heat soaked summers!
The backing is a grey wideback with a feather design that I had in stash, thread on the front is a sagey green and Gide light grey in bobbin. The Prodigy longarm has such amazing stitch quality that even with the very thinnest batting I was able to sew different colors top and bobbin.
Next up, at least half a dozen smaller quilts which should quilt up pretty fast then it's back to piecing for a bit, I am joining the Bonnie Hunter Annual Mystery this year. Last year I kind of sort of almost committed to make the 2016 Mystery but never actually sewed a stitch! This time I will attempt to make a much smaller version, probably less than half the size, but I will see how it goes! My patience for thousands of tiny pieces is growing thin and I am leaning heavily towards the simpler more modern style of piecing- in fact the only quilt magazine I now subscribe to is "Modern Quilts Unlimited".

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