Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Another QOV

The third QOV this year, one to go!
Sometimes you just have to custom quilt as in this example, the blocks are highlighted much better with custom work. It took a bit longer, all the ruler work, which I actually enjoy!
This machine came with the biggest ruler base/extended plate I have ever seen, 22" long! I found it a little awkward at first but gradually adjusted. I still wish there was more base in front of the needle so I may end up ordering the smaller extended plate later.
 I really like muslin backs they make the quilt reversible as a "whole quilt". Matching thread helps the visual coherence of design and means no worries about "pokies" although the Prodigy stitch is so beautiful that I find I can easily sew with different color threads top and bottom and no pokies.
I used alternate designs in the plain blocks, one based on a square the other on a feather wreath.
 Quilter's Dream batting of course their Dream Poly which looks and feels like cotton.
 When I have no idea of the recipient I feel comfortable with QD poly batting knowing it will hold up under all conditions!
 Otherwise each of the blocks has a different quilting pattern depending on inspiration!
 It is fun to use variety and keeps boredom at bay!
Next up will be an easy quilt before I tackle the final QOV, another very similar to this one.
An interesting experience, as I was checking over the quilt front and back to be sure all was well, I came across one of my large pins with the pearl head inside the quilt, trapped between top and batting! 
OMigosh, what now?! I had this happen once many years ago, and this time fortunately the pin was only a few inches from the edge. I undid an inch or so of quilting, pushed the metal part outside the top and snipped it off with wire snips. Then the pearl head just rolled out of the quilt sandwich and I re-quilted the couple of inches! 
Whew, just in case you ever have this happen there's one solution. If the pin is too far from the edge just poke the metal through the fabric and clip it off next to the head and leave the head in the quilt!
Happy quilting and don't stress it's meant to be fun!


Lynette said...

Oh, wow - so nice that the pin didn't mess up your machine!

Roslyn said...

Oh boy yes that pin could have really messed up and caused hook damage and timing issues, whew, happy to escape that and also any possible injury to anyone handling the quilt!
I loved your Thankfulness quilts such a nice idea.