Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great Granddaughter's Quilt

As stated earlier we will welcome our first great grandchild in early October. Oldest grandson Daniel and wife Ashlee are expecting a baby girl, Paisley Nichole. Daniel is in the Navy and awaiting deployment for extra training so we hope it will not coincide with the birth of their little one!
This cute young couple requested cowboy theme in patriotic colors which was so much fun to make. Of course I decided it must include some paisley fabrics and a paisley quilting design LOL!
The design I used is called"Chopsticks" from Jaybird Quilts. I think it is a more feminine version of a cowboy theme with the addition of the red star fabric on white background to lighten it up.
I had one FQ of this very cute vintage cowboy/girl fabric and managed to get two blocks from it.
 Red thread shows just enough of the freehand E-E paisley quilting.
There are three paisley fabrics including the backing
Baby quilts are so much fun to make, there is no stress, the baby will love whatever you make.
It is almost instant gratification! I used Quilter's Dream Angel, a genetically engineered flame retardant batting, so no nasty chemicals. It is very soft and fine just perfect for cuddling a little one.
The big news for me is that I am acquiring a new long arm machine! When I purchased the A-1 machine about ten years ago I was almost convinced to buy a Prodigy but the larger bobbin on the A-1 swayed my decision. It's been a great machine allowing a lot of artistic freedom that I did not feel I had with my original Gammill. A decade later and my body has succumbed to some very serious arthritis issues and the design of the Prodigy will ease the discomfort of some of the movements associated with longarm quilting.
This is the new machine, Prodigy 2412, we will be picking it up next week and I am very excited!


Cactusneedle said...

Love that quilt! Very visual.

Gari in AL said...

The quilt is great, love the pattern and fabrics. And really love your new machine. I almost bought a Prodigy when I got my Handiquilter: sometimes I wish I had.