Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Birthday Quilt

The Hunter Star quilt is done and delivered today to a very special lady on her half century birthday! Well, my DIL actually did the delivery for me to her Mom in Yuma, very convenient that she was headed that way for a surprise visit.
 It turned out 90"x100" exactly
 The large Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler made the 10.5" blocks simpler and faster than the traditional method and the perfect size quilt, no border required.
 Then my favorite quilting design for single block quilts the Baptist Fan made accurate, simple and fast with Loricles Circle template boards. Last night I bound the quilt, from prepping binding to finish attaching in about three hours with my customary method, clean, neat, secure and fast!
Fabrics were purchased from my favorite online fabric store and I bought enough of the red by Fabri-quilt for backing and binding.
Also remembered this time to embroider the label onto the backing before quilting, sometimes I get so anxious to get started on the quilting that it gets overlooked until after the quilt is mounted on the longarm and quilting has already begun, argh!
PS. Here it is on Diana's bed!


Anonymous said...

What a great job. Looks really nice on the bed. Glad you are back to quilting and felling better. Dotti

Miri said...

Beautiful! The quilting is really enhances the quilt.