Sunday, December 25, 2016

Update On The Accordion Quilt

This is the quilt for second grandson and wife. They were married sooner than intended because of family illness and their quilt was not done in time-I am still working on it.
The foot surgery set me back over a month then guests, Thanksgiving, guests, birthdays, and Christmas fun got in the mix and the quilt is still a WIP [Work In Progress!]
They asked for "blue", no other colors, and so that's what I went for although in hindsight I wish I had mixed in something else because I have scrambled to find a lot of dark, medium and light blues for variety. So below is what is on the design wall but I have additional blues as it has progressed.
 My iPhone 5s camera leaves a little to be desired when it comes to true color production, I understand the iPhone 6 and 7 have much better cameras but I like my compact iPhone 5!
Having done some math I think I need around 200+ blocks for a Cal.King bed and I made another twenty last evening bringing my total to 181 so I am nearly there.
We had a quiet Christmas Day, went to church then some of the family came by for homemade chicken noodle soup [it was very good especially for chilly, rainy weather and there is plenty left to enjoy]monkey bread etc and we were all alone again by 2pm, so I had time to clean up then sew for a bit.
The little Aussie lap quilt has been awaiting binding completion so I took care of that before I returned to piecing the blue quilt.
 The binding is pieced as you can see, I am very fond of pieced bindings and backings and it's a great way to use up scraps from the quilt.
With pieced backings sometimes I think the back is just as cute as the front of the quilts!


Warm Quilts said...

I love seeing the pieced binding - something I'd like to try in the new year. I, too, like to incorporate scraps or extra blocks from a quilt on the back. You are nearly at 200 blocks for the California king WIP and it looks like you are making great progress on that special keepsake.

Gari in AL said...

I, too, like pieced backs and bindings. I think they add so much interest to a quilt. I am currently sleeping under a Christmas quilt that I pieced 10" squares of the Christmas fabric for the backing and now I like that better than the front. Love the blue blocks. They are very different from anything I have done.