Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chevron Delivery!

Grandson Daniel and his lovely wife Ashlee came for dinner this evening, they had requested "the real Shepherd's Pie" so of course GM obliged. I roasted a leg of lamb last night and used the rest for the Shepherd's Pie. I meant to take a pic and forgot but did remember when I gave them their quilt!
They are so excited to have a quilt that fits their KS bed, and just in time, they moved into their condo last weekend. Daniel said "Finally my feet will be covered!"
May they sleep happily under it for many years until it is worn out - and I will need to make them another!
PS. I sent them home with enough Shepherd's Pie for another meal!

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Panto Pam said...

Beautiful quilt. Don't you just love it when the quilt recipient loves and appreciates the quilt you made them? He has your smile. Great job, GM!!