Friday, September 2, 2016

A Little Aussie Quilt

Linking up with Needlework Tuesday, a bit late!
The collections of fabric in my stash seem to age to a certain point where they begin to cast resentful looks at me every time I go to the stash, "use me" they say "please make me into a quilt". Yes, that is why they were purchased and every so often the nagging succeeds and results in a quilt!
Such is the case with the Aussie fabrics in this quilt. I have made a dent in them but a lot of others yet remain awaiting inspiration! All those in the square blocks are hand dyes from a now defunct business in Queensland called Oz Dye-Arts. I was very sad when they ended the business and so ordered a lot of things like the kit below, before they finally closed their doors. 
Their iconic hand dyes were the only thing of the kind available and so quaintly Aussie I just loved them but unfortunately had not the foresight to buy more than a fat quarter of each in every color severely limiting quilt design choices. I was able to utilize a lot of the FQs and now am mostly left with yardage in my Aussie fabric collection.
 I quilted it up with a repetitive modern design happy just to have it done!
 I will need to switch from quilting and do a bit of binding after this next project as the black and white chevron goes on the longarm. I really do need to quilt up the last few completed tops of my own and have done with the backlog maybe then I will tackle the true UFO's!
How do you handle aging fabrics, do you feel guilty allowing them to lay around unused?

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Heather said...

I really don't feel pressured to use up fabric. If I get tired of it, i can use it inside a bag or for backing, I often send it along to my mom. She does the same in the return. I do find it hard to match old fabrics with new shades, the shades seem to vary from company to company and every couple of years. Finally, If you cut everything to 2 1/2 inch squares they will fit in somewhere regardless of age.

Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.