Sunday, June 12, 2016

Family Visit And a Quilt Delivery

We are so lucky this month to have nephew and his GF from Australia visiting the USA. Wes had to come for a friend's wedding in CA, and now he and Kristie are doing a bit of traveling around. Friday night oldest son and wife hosted a barbecue and we all enjoyed the reunion, it's been a couple of years since Wes was last here riding the bulls.
 And I was able to deliver Wes's quilt which will be going back DownUnder with him later in the month.
 Tonight it was my turn to entertain the visitors, not everyone was available there were some conflicting events........
 so the three pans of ribs were not all needed and I have enough to see me through several days and no cooking!
I also made a pavlova just in case Wes and Kristie were feeling a bit homesick!
 Grandson Daniel came came by to collect Wes and Kristie for a little partying and managed to find a piece of pavlova with his name on it!
Now there's just one piece left..............
must be mine!!
Next quilt on the long arm isAngela's Talkin' Turkey.

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