Friday, June 10, 2016

Blue Bargello

Donna's lovely wall hanging is quite large, 53"x81", and took longer than expected to quilt. I delayed the start because I was unable to use my first choice thread, Art Colors "Azure Sky" a Superior trilobal.
It refused to play nice with my machine, hard to believe really because these are some of my favorite threads and usually sew like a dream on my A-1 machine. Fortunately I had an alternative, Superior's King Tut "De Nile", 100% Egyptian cotton.
My machine is currently going through some tension issues and nothing I have done the past weeks has completely solved the problem although I can make it behave on and off. It's most frustrating so I have ordered a new tension unit and bobbin case to see if that might do the trick. I seem to be able to identify an intermittent odd noise too now so I'll call the helpful tech tomorrow and see if he can hear it, these guys are pretty savvy at diagnosis.
So here is the bargello wall hanging, quilted. I used a double matt, Quilter's Dream poly Select on the bottom and QD wool on top to give more definition and I am quite pleased with the result.
 I had chalked in diagonal lines every three inches to keep the diagonal quilting parrallel, and I needed to roll the quilt back and forth several times in order to quilt diagonally.
The picture below shows the true color better I think and also detail of the freehand quilting, it's a simple design that reminds me a bit of waves and fits the ocean like colors of the quilt.
The backing is also batik
Now I will get back to my new bed quilt, I have all the blocks laid out and ready to construct.

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Heather said...

That huge for a wall hanging, though depending on the size of the wall, maybe not. Love the colours that she choose and your quilting sets if off nicely. Well done.

Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.