Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Great Australian Bakery

Last week I visited this terrific cafe/bakery in downtown Scottsdale AZ. with my Aussie friend Sue.
Such a treat it feels like a visit DownUnder, the food is true blue fair dinkum Aussie, I wanted one of everything! Owner Lawrence knows what he is doing and I am hoping he will soon expand the menu to include some lamb pies and cream buns!
However after a chicken/avocado/cheese pie and oh yeah the best cappuccino outside of Aus, I was unable to tackle further gastronomical choices but I did bring home a huge apple turnover with cream- and the cream is real deal whipped on the premises, none of this spray can stuff! I really enjoyed it later for afternoon tea!
Their pastry is amazing exactly like the absolute best you can get DownUnder and everything is super fresh.
The custard slices look wonderful, that's for next time and it will be soon! 
Or maybe a lammington, that's a "lammo" in 'Strine and the great people at the bakery will even add cream and jam to the middle, oh my!
 I was so inspired by all of this that I did a little Aussie baking myself yesterday for a get together with friends who came over last night for a "ladies night".
Sausage rolls, mini ones and there are a few left over that may be dinner tonight if my family do not come by first, for sure grandson #1 will be here! Last night I sent text messages to sons and grandsons "half a pavlova left and a few sausage rolls, first come first served no take-aways!" Within seconds GS#1 texted back "I will be there in the morning"!
Here is the left over pav, there are four generous servings still, the plate is a huge serving platter, but I expect it to all be gone by this evening!


Cactusneedle said...

When I saw this shop featured on channel 10 news a few weeks ago, I immediately thought about you! Glad to have an Aussie critique on the shop. I need to get over there, too. Their offerings look so yummy.

Dawn said...

Wow, - no need to go to Australia for my lovely meat pies now. The assortment looked wonderful.
Can you not get passionfruit where you are for your pavlova? I only make it when I have passionfruit, - I stock on tins when in Aust, - but during the summer I can buy it in Quebec when up there.
Don't go there too often or it will ruin your waistline. I am still trying to loose the weight I gained over there on vacation.