Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daisy's Quilt

A sweet pink quilt for a new baby at church, I like to make quilts to welcome the newest members.
 There was an annoying stack of 2.5" pink strips left from a long ago project, and with the addition of some other small pink bits unsuitable for any other than a scrap quilt I was able to construct a perfect size baby quilt, about 40" square.
 The thread is So Fine from Superior and their Bottom Line thread for the bobbin.
A freehand feathery sort of design adds a nice feminine touch with just the right amount of quilting to leave it baby soft and cuddly. Batting is the delightful new Quilter's Dream Pink, a soft blend of 80% Dream Cotton and 20% Pink Poly.
In addition, Wes's quilt is all bound and ready for him to collect when he visits from Aus. next month.
 I do hope that he is traveling light, this quilt is very large- and heavy!
I am linking up with Heather at "Needlework Tuesday".

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