Sunday, April 3, 2016

Progress On Allietare

Wes's quilt is almost quilted, I have decided to take it off the long-arm and turn it to do the rest of the borders as there are five separate sashings/borders and it will be easier to run straight across horizontally to finish the other two sides than to try and quilt and roll and quilt and roll endlessly!
While I have it off I will endeavor to embroider the label on the backing which I forgot to do before I loaded it on the LA. Argh, might take a little effort as this quilt is a kingsize [to reach to the floor on a queen size bed] and it's heavy and awkward but worth a try to get the label integrated with the backing.
Here you see the top and bottom borders and center of the quilt complete - I find it's a big pain to do long borders vertically, very time consuming, more so I think than removing and replacing the entire quilt and I think my quilting is smoother when it's done all in one sweep across the quilt rather than stopping and starting so many times.
It is too late now to try to get the label embroidered and re-attach the quilt tonight, it will have to wait until another day!

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