Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Allietare Is Quilted!

Whew, those five borders took a while but it's all done!
 The main body of the quilt is Circle Lord Swirls......
 the narrow borders are rope design..........
the piano key border is straight line quilted a fourth inch from the seams.........
 and the large dark blue border is feathered.
The quilting always shows so nicely on the back. I took a workshop today on Photo editing at the Apple store and hope my pics will be nicer with more definition in the future!
The binding will have to wait until my shoulder is more healed, operating the longarm isn't a big problem my A-1 machine is very light, but hefting that kingsize quilt around on the domestic machine for binding would tax my shoulder too much -I think the quilt measures about 103"x 117".
I am hoping my nephew can take the quilt back to Australia with him after his visit to the USA in June because I do not want to mail it. First I would need to get an insurance appraisal for replacement value and then it is likely duty would be imposed in Australia even though it is a gift - that has happened before and it was quite a shock! Postage would be close to $200 in addition to the appraisal, another reason not to mail it!
I am linking up with Heather at "Needlework Tuesday", a little late!


Gari in AL said...

This is quite beautiful. Did you quilt all of the borders as you went down the quilt? Did you turn the quilt? I am always curious as to how others do the big quilts.

Dawn said...

When I mailed a quilt within the states I was told I could only insure it for the amount that the fabrics cost me, - not for my work. Is it different if you have an appraisal?

Roslyn said...

Yes I did turn this one because of the 5 separate borders, all the stopping and starting to roll would have been painful especially because I bury my thread tails!

And as for insuring and mailing quilts it is different when you have a Professional Quilt Appraiser's estimate for replacement value. I have done that several times, mailing oversees as well as stateside. I have a local appraiser who does it for me, she is a quilt historian and collector and travels to teach about the history of quilting and caring for antique quilts.
There is a website for Professional Quilt Appraisers where they are listed by state.

Anonymous said...

Great job. The back is awesom too. So glad you can use the long arm. Hoping you will be healed enough the the binding soon. Awesome!


Heather said...

that quilt is absolutely gorgeous.. i suspect that your nephew will find a way to take it with him even if he has to mail his clothing and such back home..

Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.