Sunday, December 13, 2015

In The Snowy, Snowy Mountains

This past week we had two good snowstorms always a positive sign for winter, and DH skied a couple of days at Telluride Ski Center. A lot of the snow had melted due to a temporary day or two warm up,  and this is how things looked Friday morning
On Friday night we drove into Montrose to attend the Nutcracker performance and on the way encountered a deer in a rather unfortunate way! Minimal damage to the vehicle but the doe was not so blessed, scared me, it was our first such and hopefully only experience.
Snow began drifting in as we returned up the mountain and by morning we woke to a few inches accumulation.
Temperature stayed down all day as the snow continued,
so I decided we should brew up a pot of gluwein!
 One pot led to another and we stayed quite cozy!
 The third clue had been released the day before for Bonnie's Allietare Mystery and it was prime sewing time. I had about half the clue done then ran out of one of the fabrics, just didn't bring enough with me.
 I am enjoying my little travel machine the Bernina 240, nice and compact and lighter weight than the larger Pfaff.
The snow continued overnight and there was probably 6-7" this morning, I took this series of photos early as the sun was coming through, makes some really interesting pictures.
  The snow plough had already been around by the time we were packed up and ready to leave at about 9:30 am, and the temperature was still in the teens.
 Just pulling away from the house.
 It was slow going the first couple of ours until we came down closer to Dolores when the roads were dry.
A fairytale winter wonderland, beautiful and treacherous for the uninitiated or overconfident, none of which DH is having grown up in Boston area. I am so glad, most Aussies have little exposure to these conditions and I do not like to drive on snowy roads!


Anonymous said...

Looks so beautiful. We are having unusually warm(60s) and the dandelions are popping up in the lawns. Cherry blossoms blooming. Certainly not December weather. But family traveling over Christmas, this weather will do nicely. Glad you had a nice time in CO. Too bad about the deer.


Andee said...

Looks like a little bit of paradise!