Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving celebration with loved ones, we did even though youngest son and his family were missing, visiting DIL's family in Yuma.
Last Christmas the monkey bread sort of got out of control dripping over the edge of the Bundt pan all the way down to the counter so I reduced the amount of dough this time and it looked much more manageable! The addition of crushed garlic and fresh herbs from my herb plot mixed into the butter definitely enhanced the flavor.
This was one of several bottles of wine we have saved from wine tastings, it was really good, as good as we remembered so I might look for more! A lovely day at oldest son and DIL's beautiful home followed by a brief stop to see #2 son and his family.
After we came home I finished the scrappy binding on this quilt, I am very happy with it.
Tomorrow the first clue for Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery Allietare will be be released so I can get the cutting done to begin sewing Saturday.
 These are the colors I have chosen, replacing Bonnie's black fabric with the dark blue and her grey with the lighter blue with stars.
This is the long promised quilt for my nephew Wesley- he lives DownUnder- Wes is a bull rider!
This is Wes's picture from his FB page, he really does ride those rank bulls - and has the scars to prove it!
This was last year's event and six of us showing off our 2013 mystery quilt Celtic Solstice.
This will be the third year our Phoenix BH fans will meet to kick off the new mystery and you can be sure I will report on that over the weekend. Many of us will be bringing along our 2014 mystery Grand Illusion to share our successes.
The funky pieced backing on mine!

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