Saturday, November 14, 2015

BJ's Bonnie Hunter Quilts

Easy Street the first of two BJ brought me to quilt for her.  I took this pic when she came to get it as we were on our way to the sushi bar! Forgot to turn on the flash and take a pic of the back and label, guess I was hungry and distracted by the idea of Shogun sushi!
It is quilted freehand with edge to edge feathers, BJ brought her own Warm and Natural batting and I used a shiny lime green thread.
Note the Button dog hiding under the left side of the quilt! The second BH quilt went on last night, last year's mystery Grand Illusion, I have worked on it most of the day and it should be ready for a blog post tomorrow.
Just so you know, I did get my sushi, a Sunshine roll, yum yum!


Bj said...

Easy Street Turned out Amazing!!!! Thank You So Much Roslyn, I always love your freehand quilting, your talent and skill is truly amazing :) Thank You for the Label too, I really like having it quilted into the back rather than adding it at the end :) I love the way the Green Thread pops, more pictures to come at the Kick Off Party for Alliore. Easy Street was two years ago and looking at it now, I'm like Wow!

Roslyn said...

Thx BJ, you are always so appreciative of what I do on your quilts and so easy to please! I too love the look of the embroidered labels and the safety of the provenance knowing it will always be there as long as the quilt is around! In the distant future people will be very happy to have the information contained in the label.