Sunday, May 3, 2015

Grandmother's Fan Quilt

After a bit of a hiatus from the LA I am back in the groove. The issue I had with timing seems to be ok now after countless re-timing, cleaning encoders, adjusting single stitch etc etc. It's really hard when the timing looks so perfect but the machine is still not sewing properly, the adjustments are so minor as to be difficult to even see, very frustrating! There is a perfect sweet spot, then a tiny bit either side of it that works and I am hoping I have found it again!
Once the new hook was installed then I had a tension issue, so it's been a rather unproductive week but today finally the GM Fan quilt is done, and I can move on.
It measures 62"x86" probably good for a girl's single bed.
The fans are individually quilted the balance an E-E floral, this is the fourth for my ALS friend. To add to the problem my machine did not really like some of the fabrics principally that floral border which is very thin fabric and probably a poly blend.
 Backing is a light pink solid, there's enough for binding and along with the other large quilt I need to get both bound and shipped back to MA. I hope by the end of the month.
For now it's back to the modern baby boy quilt with all the triangles, lovely, a new project a fun start to the week!

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joanne said...

that sounds very frustrating. I get so upset when the tension is off on my old Singer sewing machine that I just have to walk away for awhile and look at it with new eyes. I love the pattern and style of the fan quilt, some little girl will be lucky to have it!