Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boston City

The other evening we met the guys in the city after the Socks game-they won, BTW! Niece and I had some time to wait because the game went into overtime, so we wandered around the North End while I took pics of some of the historic buildings.
This is an area with a high population of Italians I think, as I encountered a few shrines dedicated to Our Lady and to various saints and many Italian restaurants!
 I couldn't get inside this shrine to take a better pic as the old steps were being repaired
 The workmen were preparing for a festival
There are apartments and homes, stores, offices, churches and restaurants all mixed in this eclectic neighborhood.
An Italian restaurant but not the one we chose for dinner.
 these are the same guys who yelled at me to get off the unsafe steps, LOL!
 St. Stephen's Church is an active inner city parish,
 very beautiful old interior,
 well preserved and maintained.
  The Missionary Society of St James was founded here. 
Famous statue of Paul Revere
  and a beautiful fountain and tranquil park setting in the middle of the city.
This beautiful building is  The North Bennet Street School for craftsmanship skills such as bookbinding, piano technology, carpentry preservation etc.
 This beautiful home the Clough House,
was built in 1712
 and survived when all around it did not, including Ben Franklin's original home that was right next door.
The original old bricks have a lovely patina, I like to walk around cities it is the best way to find hidden treasures and sometimes to chat with the locals who know things you won't find out otherwise.
The Old North Church, Christ Church Boston.
 The Signal lamps displayed in the steeple are the very same lamps that were used to warn the city of the approach of British troops in 1775.
It is awe-inspiring to stand in the very place where history was made, where our priceless Freedom was won by such great sacrifice of Blood and Treasure.
 The tradition continues, our heroic and dedicated Military Forces, still lay down all they have, their very lives in defense of our Freedom.
I honor them and all who have gone before them in this same tradition.
There is much more of historical value in this city, I have shown you a tiny bit.

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cityquilter grace said...

did you go inside old north church? the festivals are enough to walk around at night and not worry...where did you stay at the beach?