Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Boy Learns To Sew…….and Makes A Quilt.

We had a little time after returning from the beach and I took advantage of the breathing space to begin instruction in sewing to great niece's brother. I think it is a good thing for males to know how to operate a sewing machine so I was happy to find that he wanted to learn to do the same thing as his sister.
 We chose some masculine looking fabrics, a camo print and another of a woodland scene with deer. There are frequently deer in their back yard, surrounded by thick woods on this large lot so this is an appropriate design for him to cuddle under for TV viewing in the cold New England winter.
He sewed for a couple of hours, really enjoyed the experience and with close supervision came up with a quilt top, I think he is outpacing his sister! Maybe hanging out with Daddy so much and being around all the electric tools of his Dad's trade makes him bolder and more confident with operating the sewing machine
 I try to teach all the little things that make it possible to produce a good result, safety and sound principles and although he won't remember it all, next time we sew it will come back I think. We have to buy some backing now so he can learn how to actually quilt the top, but we will have to wait to go further with this project till our next visit.
Both children were excellent students, listening carefully to instructions and doing their very best to follow them.
Meantime, his sister has her top quilted and I will take it home and do the binding and a label and mail it back so she can give it to her Grandma who was really excited to see what her DGD had made for her. It is a perfect size to cover GM in the chair in which she spends most of her days in her struggle with the awful disease of ALS.

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Andee said...

Great quilts, way to teach the next generation how fun quilting is! Sorry about the gma with ALS, my uncle passed away from that 20 or so years ago, it was an awful disease...