Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday Success

This quilt was much smaller than the last two and makes the third off the longarm for this week. I finished it up late last night but was too tired to finish posting…………...

 I was tempted to feather it, but that seemed a bit formal so instead it gets swirls with feathery things on them!
Next Wednesday and Thursday I have signed up for a class in the Underground Railroad sampler in miniature. It's at "In Stitches", a lovely quilt shop out in Goodyear quite a drive for me but BJ is also taking the class so it will be fun.
I have wanted to try a mini and this will be a good opportunity to find out some of the tricks for miniaturizing a quilt block. I have already pulled a nice variety of my CW repros I think I have plenty and these 3" blocks will make nary a dent in my CW repro stash!

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