Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five More Tiny Blocks

Making another five of these minis was doable but hoping to get all twelve finished and sashed- not happening! However it did go faster as the day wore on, perhaps I was finally getting the hang of it…..

They aren't all trimmed to size yet, and Birds In The air is almost done while Bear Paw is cut up ready to sew-that will round up the twelve.
A couple of these were blocks I had not made before, Carpenter's Star and Shoo-Fly. Only one of the above, Log Cabin, is paper peiced but Cindy has some really cool ways to make these with an easier method in particular Shoo-Fly, all those tiny pieces, I never thought I would have been able to make a decent job of it! Drunkard's path can be a challenge especially so tiny but Cindy's instructions made it super simple. My final block yesterday was Carpenter's Star and I am very happy with it and the simplicity of construction we were taught.
For me I think the most challenging was the first, Jacob's Ladder, and it's not wonderful, I should probably make another now that I have practiced a bit.
Once the final two are completed I will have to decide on sashing and borders, I have so many wonderful CW replicas and I want to use them all!
Many thanks to a generous and talented teacher for  imparting so much knowledge and all the tricks we learned for minitiarizing quilt blocks. If you would like to see Cindy's teaching schedule you can visit her webpage here.
Jan and her husband Lester at In Stitches are so gracious about hosting us and we love to go to their store! I could wish that it were not so far from my house but it's really worth the drive.
On the way home I picked up the Sushi special from the nearby Akai-Hana and what a great deal- miso soup, a delicious fish salad with yellowtail, salmon etc in a spicy sauce, a California roll, 4 kinds of sushi, a hand roll [looks like a spicy tuna] plus wasabi and gari. I couldn't eat it all, left the hand roll and half the CA. roll, tomorrow's lunch!
I had the boy last night and he is still sleeping so I will sneak into the studio and attempt to sew those last two blocks!

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Andee said...

Your mini is looking great..really wish I could have done that too! SO much to sew but work gets in the way!