Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowed In!

So much for leaving Colorado today, I woke about 5am. to find more snow accumulation and it hasn't stopped yet! DH went out and ploughed early on, and we have been told that the main roads are treacherous- as the temperatures are in the teens discretion being the better part of valor we have delayed our departure yet another day. Assuming that the storm peters out today and the roads are ploughed we will make our slow way out of the mountains tomorrow morning.
 Piling up again since DH shoveled yesterday.
 Obviously no eating out on the deck or grilling either today!
Button is in her favorite spot, wedged down behind the cushions on the loveseat.

 DH took her out for a run in the snow, but I noticed they weren't gone long!
Having already packed up all my sewing I am at a loss for occupation today, audiobooks and the computer are what I have, oh and there is my sock knitting perhaps it's a good time to tackle that since it's too cold and snowy to be doing anything outdoors.

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Andee said...

I need to find time to get back to my sock knitting...always on the back burner! Yours are looking good. Drive safely!