Friday, May 24, 2013

The Week In Review

This was The Boy's last week in school until August, and they had an excursion to a local water feature. I think all children love to play in water and our little man is no exception.
 He played in the water until he was shivering and had goose-bumps and his mom had to dry him off.
After lunch............
 They sang and danced for us.............
 then lined up..........
to play outside until time to go home.
 In case you were thinking there is nothing quilt related in this post, I sent this quilt to a new home, labeled for The Boy's amazing, dedicated and gifted teacher. Once in a while in any given profession someone stands out so clearly that special recognition is necessary and Mary Ellen fits that category. I can't even begin to tell you how and why she deserves such praise it would take way too long, suffice to say she is outstanding and we were blessed beyond telling for her part in the little man's development this past year. Unfortunately he will not likely be in her class next year but we are hoping for another wonderful teacher.
The teacher's aid was not forgotten, my selvedge collection came in handy for these cute potholders that due to a lucky guess, fit right in with her color scheme.
I send blessings to all those who are dedicated to helping children develop to their highest potential, you know who you are, thank you!
Last night to cap the week with another celebration, our oldest grandson graduated from HS.
Daniel has joined the family tradition of serving his country by swearing into the Navy Reserves while he goes to university. In 2018 upon graduating with his Baccalaureate he will enter the Navy as an officer and plans to follow Grandfather's lead and become an aviator, specifically in helicopters. In July he goes to Basic Training, that will be a tough eight weeks I am sure, then he will be off to Pensacola for Flight Training but he will return fitter and stronger than he has ever been. This delays his univ. entrance by a year but then his tuition and expenses are all paid plus a stipend for the next four years.
It was a busy week and next week promises to be similar as we prepare for JW's graduation from Medical School and our cruise to Alaska.


Andee said...

Love the quilt as always, congrats to the graduate!

Alycia said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!! The Boy's smile is contagious!!!