Monday, May 27, 2013

Andee's Wedding Quilt Gift

This is the recent top I quilted for Andee, it is a wedding gift for a cousin. Andee's family and friends must each have a quilt by now I would think but there still always seems to be someone near and dear  to her who does not have one!
It's a very pretty quilt, I forgot to ask her which line of fabrics was used but maybe I can find it on her blog.
Red So Fine Superior thread makes the floral design stand out just enough without overpowering,
Bottom Line in the bobbin and Hobbs Heirloom batting for nice definition.


wendy said...

I love all the colors of this quilt.

Andee said...

I think it was Rural Jardin one of their lines...:) It looks great Ros. This one will go to my cousin Kai who is living in Amsterdam at the moment!