Friday, April 5, 2013

Nine Patch Quilts

I was browsing through some recent posts of my blog friend Heather over at "Books and Quilts" and she was talking about a joint project with her Mother and asked "Have you done a project with 9 patch blocks?" and invites her readers to leave a link to their own 9 patch projects.
Thinking back over my years of quilting I could only come up with two, although I have made many Disappearing 9 Patch quilts and after I became bored with those, Disappearing 9 Patch Second Generation!
The first 9 Patch I recall doesn't even look like a 9 patch! I had ventured into the realm of watercolor quilts and decided after the first one that the blocks were a wee bit small at 2" but being the OCD type told myself I had to use up all the left over pieces before moving on to a slightly larger size [2.25"] and decided upon 9 patches as the most efficient means of freeing myself from them!
I sorted them into groups of 9 from light to dark and began to sew them together, then I sewed the 9 patches together beginning with the darkest at the bottom and moving through to the lightest at the top.
Once finished, bordered and bound, it looked formless and uninteresting to me so I had to come up with something additional or consign it to the dog's bed!
I cut out roses from several different prints and appliqued them over the quilt and added a few butterflies. This was probably close to  twenty years ago and I still like the quilt well enough that it hangs in our guest room. So I guess that is one of those "life gives you lemons and you make lemonade" situations and a reminder that thinking outside the box can result in a new creation!
The other 9 patch quilt I have made is a baby quilt in 30's repros and white.........
The white is a WOW with gingko flowers and it's quilted with meandering feathers.
Then I remembered that Sudoku quilts are actually 9 patches, larger ones it is true, but 9 patches none the less, so here is a Sudoku quilt I made for my friend MA in Brisbane, Australia.
 And there you have the sum total of 9 patches for my 4 decades of quilting!


Threeundertwo said...

It's so fun to see progressions like this. I need to go visit Heather's post.

I love all 3 of these quilts.

Heather said...

after viewing your different 9 patches, it has me wondering where else 9 patches have unknownly creeped into my quilts. These are great. Thanks for sharing them.

Jody said...

9 patches are one of my favorites, and I don't have many either. Thanks for sharing yours!