Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Circle Lord Swirls

This Home Of the Brave quilt was my first adventure into using the CL template boards, and I am quite pleased with the result.
The Swirls are the templates I used on this quilt, they would work for almost any quilt top I think, the continuous circular design is quite generic.
This is our week with The Boy, so not a lot will be accomplished- there is another client quilt on the LA but I didn't like the way the yellow/green variegated thread was quilting in so I am frogging that one corner where I began in order to begin over with a more neutral thread.
This weekend I hope to get labels on some QOV's and launder them so they can be mailed off for our Wounded Warriors.


Heather said...

I ike that swirl and the way it all nests together. very effective.

wendy said...

Quilts for wounded warriors. How wonderful is that.
Reminded me of when my son died, and a girl (who I barely knew) she came to the viewing with some other gals I did know.
Anyway....she came up with the idea to make these Comfort Quilts, so when a person would die, they would give her some fabric from items of the deceassed (cloths, fav.blankets etc) and piece together a quilt for them.