Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quilting Update

Lest you suppose I have not been sewing, these two Arrowhead block quilts are now bound, and as any quilter will say, binding is a time consuming chore!
Even though I have developed a very neat, tailored and secure method of binding completely by machine, it still takes care and therefore more time than some other parts of the quilt making process.
The bindings are all scrappy, I used all the end bits left from the piecing of the blocks, I think it adds to the charm of an authentic quilt and gets those pesky left overs out of my life!
Last week there seemed to be activities every day-it was my birthday so that explains it-
 a week-long celebration of surviving to this venerable age!
This week is our turn with The Boy, so not a lot gets done other than enjoying him!
I did manage to load this lovely quilt on the longarm-last summer I taught a friend how to make the Arrowhead blocks and she made this beautiful batik quilt for her granddaughter in GD's chosen color-way.
I had originally thought to custom each block with a leafy wreath and quilt leaves in the sashing but once it was on the LA I decided that would break it up and make it too fussy.
The overall flower/leaf combo is turning out nicely and will pull all the blocks together.
It is quilted with a lovely variegated pink cotton thread guessed it, Superior Threads!
Once the quilting is done I still have to bind it.
One of my goals this year apart from catching up on longarming some tops, mine, as well as the quilts for the military, QOV's and HOB's, is to use up my selvedge collection.
I make potholders, pin cushions etc, but still the bag gets fatter so I plan to construct a selvedge quilt!
 As you can see it is about 8"tall.....
 12" wide...........
and 14" long and stuffed full!
I have seen a couple of design ideas on other blogs but if you have a recommendation please let me know, I am still looking!


Heather said...

by the end of the year I plan to start on my selvedge quilt. I am thinking of chosing one compex block and then enlarging it from 12inches to 48 inches and using selvedges to piece various sections.

Cheryl Willis said...

I love the look of selvedge strings, sew them half light, half dark and set how ever you like.

good to see you getting caught up on your bindings. I hate to quilt a top and not bind it.

Andee said...

Looking good! Love that arrowhead block!

farmlady said...

Amazing bag full of fabric. That should keep you in scraps for a while.
Love the purple quilt.